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The United States Marine Corp 

at 30 years of age. 

Acknowledgement of Retirement at 30 Years of age is issued in writing from every branch of the US Military

Certificate of Appreciation from 

United States Commander in Chief and US President Elect Barack Obama while in office. 

2015-present 2018, 

current USMC Military Commandant And Head, Highest 4 Star General, 

General Neller written and personal letter of congratulations on my Retirement with for which I am humbled in acceptance of this and his written expression of appreciation 

2015-present 2018, current 2018 USMC 18th Sergeant Major Green humbling personal letter to me of congratulations on my Retirement

Copy of my Official Full Retirement accolades signed by the current head General of the United States Marine Corp in 2018 and USMC Commandant with all rights of privileges therein.

From 2018 USMC Commandant General Neller (JPG)


From 2018 USMC 18th Sergeant Magor Green (JPG)


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About Me


  1. This is the title I am most proud of with Official USMC full Military Retirement as of February 2017. After a great education, a NBA stint, a few quite successful business endeavors prior to serving, and from HOUSTON Texas; Need I say more? I like to do things in a big way. I joined the United States Marine Corp patriotically, after and because of 911; And became severely injured. These injuries have affected my life through present day. I was in optimum health in every way prior to serving like any high achieving athlete turned US Marine. I relocated to Pennsylvania to be close to my children after a divorce due to my injuries. I have 2 beautiful daughters JaeLynn and Brianna Gibson who I miss tremendously as they were removed from my life when I was too ill to understand. I have not always been treated well by those that promised me prior to injuries sustained but regardless I take each day and do my best! I also try to suck up pain like a “good US Marine” and all great athletes who will pursue through pain and injuries and represent the Marine Corp and my brothers well to the best of my ability which sometimes goes great and sometimes fails horribly due to injuries sustained! I have had support from Congressman Patrick Meehan and DAV who obtained my benefits for a VA termed static disability over 10 years ago and the endless support of a caregiver and her family whose VA issued IDentification with name as approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs is above, LIVEHERO.ORG another great veterans dedicated nonprofit 501 c19 in process over years that my caregiver also founded and other local Congresssional representatives and others at various times in my fight to rehabilitate my strengths; this included with endless VA appointments over many years and years, often every or every other month and sometimes more often. My care for physical mental and emotional impairments for over 14 VA diagnosed impairments in multiple areas since discharge has been more than a full time job; to make it easier and in pursuit of helping other veterans as well, a veterans nonprofit fully dedicated to and only approved to support the care and well being of veterans and for emergent support of care, which is difficult to obtain was started. I am the first veteran to receive assistance and the 2nd veteran member and there is great hope and preliminary work and study over years completed by the caregiver to assist in making a difference in their support. View the photos again to Check out a VA photo of me during a Rehabilitation exercise appointment inside the VA hospital above. Rehabilitation is ongoing and is and has been very hard and is a day by day thing! I have not overcome all the disability challenges as of yet that I faced from my service that are in hindrance unfortunately, But please keep rooting me on! I complete therapy of all kinds and also fight to recover all that has been stolen from me unlawfully while injured, even sometimes while in court. I am fighting every day that becoming injured with a TBI (VA and UPenn Pdychiatrist DR and VA Neurologist diagnosed and NueroPsychology and Polytrauma Traumatic Brain and severe spinal cord Injury, and also rediagnosed as current and accurate by VA Polytrauma Clinic and Medical Team April 18, 2018) from serving with other injuries obtained solely from my service to our country will not be the end of the story,  nor the last experience with my children, as has often occured for so many of us that live with injuries sustained solely from serving. It is very difficult for TBI veterans because it is usually a “nonvisible‘ wound, unlike prior losing my ability to walk in serving, however it directly can lead to chronic homelessness and adult incarceration, chronic arrest and other serious matters year after year without assistance or with reduced assistance from someone caring. Stay tuned for more information including time stamped official documentation of support. I also hope to effectively help another US Marine, or Father by telling my story to date.  As VA has publicly apologized for misdiagnosing and not paying veterans tax payer dollars in benefits as approved and directed by Congress/Law specifically for this disability Traumatic Brain Injury, and in addition to Congress and the President recently changing laws to correct this VA mistake that will assist in avoidance of institutionalization harm to Veterans after their service and the losses of those veterans that can successfully live in their homes with assistance for injuries that all impair or affect movement, and reactions, hopefully the future of all veterans resulting is only brighter! Regarding  the Win, I am first a United States Marine and an athlete. I love people, am loved by people and moreso love America my home. I’ve given my all, my time, my life, my family, my health, the essence of who I am and the legacy that that I have created is now all currently defined in service to her as others who serve and are severely injured in their 20’s, I was Injured with Dr determined Permanent injuries in the prime of my youth. Thanks for your prayers and support as I continue and strive to do and be my best with your support and as one of the leads to inform other veterans that is is possible and to stay in hope when many are committing suicide at almost twice the rate of those who never served in equal comparisons, due to these and similar injuries and problems without adequate support personal or financial or as needed or as described in brochures of rule

My Top Issue Helping People Reach Success In Life

I am passionate about Helping through Teaching and not Telling. Now that I am improving in health with some better and good days and moments instead of all bad days and worse moments, I am fighting to live a legacy and be the example I have always strived to be. I have also worked successfully alongside others for short periods of time with other business endeavors.. here is an old press release during one of the periods I also worked with AKON through RCE/Konvict Muzik here...



Want More? See a news interview and Press Release after being contacted by The Huffington Post here. A business interview with me personally and conducted by John Swanciger, CEO of MANTA Media, INC a/k/a MANTA.COM


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Each day represents this statement 

Fight, Recover, Because You Can & 

Live Life to the fullest! 

In 2011 I started Promoting companies with my voice to supplement benefits VA didnt pay while I became homeless and had to live in a hotel (thank G-D for the kindness of Americans!) -due to a VA stated erroneous reduction -a few years ago VA found (CUE) Clear and Unmistakable error in that reduction. I started speaking about with LegalShield and obtained 3 associates over a period of time to present and am Helping people obtain an attorney at an affordable rate! For more information please click or paste the following link in your browser 


Does the LegalShield website look Confusing? Please contact my caregiver at the 1800# above and she will walk you through the process as best she can with her experience on my behalf! If you don’t get her right away please leave a message she works very hard, you can also send a message through this site And! You can also seek help from LegalShield directly through the LegalShield site!

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WheelChair Wisdom by Linda Noble Topf Awaken your spirit through Adversity


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